NPG: the open-access journal of innovative concepts and methodologies in geosciences

Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics (NPG) is an international, inter-/trans-disciplinary, non-profit journal devoted to breaking the deadlocks often faced by standard approaches in Earth and space sciences. It therefore solicits disruptive and innovative concepts and methodologies, as well as original applications of these to address the ubiquitous complexity in geoscience systems, and in interacting social and biological systems. Such systems are nonlinear, with responses strongly non-proportional to perturbations, and show an associated extreme variability across scales.

All sections of NPG are more than ever eager to deal with big data and artificial intelligence with new sensing, analysis, and simulation technologies. These encompass approaches ranging from data-driven research to mathematical physics.

NPG is published by the EGU and is a partner journal of the AGU. It is open-access with a public discussion stage to ensure a more objective review process. NPG maintains sections for research articles, review articles, comments and replies, book reviews, and fast-track NPG Letters. NPG Letters are short papers with a strong impact. Authors are strongly encouraged to consider publishing in this section.