25 years for Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics

5 April 2019

The first issue of Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics (NPG) was published on 31 March 1994, just over 25 years ago. NPG was the initiative of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Nonlinear Processes (NP) and Arne Richter, executive secretary of the EGS (a precursor to the EGU) at that time. It was the first journal to be established by the EGS and was envisaged then, as now, as the official organ of the NP division. It formed the basis for the subsequent portfolio of 18 EGU journals, but among these it is unique in being a partner journal of the AGU. To quote from Arne Richter's editorial in the first issue, the aim of NPG is "to offer a modern, international, interdisciplinary and refereed publication to a young and growing generation of geophysicists". Then, as now, NPG is an international, interdisciplinary journal for the publication of original research on nonlinear processes, using analysis, models, and data, in all branches of earth, planetary, and solar system sciences.

Initially NPG was served by a team of 21 topical editors, until in 1999 Al Osborne became the chief editor with a team of executive and topical editors. He was followed as chief editor by Bruce Malamud in 2005, and then by Roger Grimshaw from 2009. Since 2018 NPG has had a team of executive editors. NPG was founded as a "traditional" journal with anonymous peer review, but in 2014 it joined most other EGU journals in being an interactive open-access journal (NPG and its discussion forum NPGD) with transparent reviews. From its inception, and continuing through 25 years, NPG is a unique journal fostering the essential role that nonlinear science plays in the geosciences. Nonlinear science itself has developed enormously in this period, and we are confident that NPG is poised to continue to serve that community.